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In cooperation with the operators of conveyors produced by various well-known manufacturers, our engineers have developed a PIPETYPE conveyor belt. The Pipetype is suitable for use in tougher conditions and requires application of special tubular-type conveyors. Due to its special carcass construction the belt runs like a tube which opens only when loaded and unloaded. The system remains closed and dust-tight even when bulk solids are conveyed in horizontal or vertical curves.

pipetype conveyor belts
pipetype conveyor belts

PIPETYPE conveyor belts are suitable for:

  • cement and concrete plants
  • heating stations, power stations, garbage incinerating plants
  • REA - or gypsum plants
  • lime industry
  • tunnel construction
  • conveying dusty and fine-grained material
  • material of lower density and environmentally hazardous material
  • silo conveyors
  • conveyors crossing roads (bridge conveyors)


pipetype conveyor belts

ISO Certification

pipetype conveyor belts

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