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The company Savatech introduced the environmental management system according to the the ISO 14001standard already in 2000.
We regularly adapt our operations to the environmental legislation requirements. We are striving for minimising the impacts of our operations on the environment.

We have defined the following priority goals:

  • Prevention of environment pollution.
  • Replacement of hazardous substances with less hazardous ones.
  • Rational use of energy, raw materials and natural resources.
  • Separate waste collection and decrease in specific amount of rubber waste.
  • Employee education and environmental awareness raising.

In February 2009, the compliance of operations with the environmental legislation was reaffirmed with obtaining the Environmental Permit issued by the Slovenian Environment Agency.

Already in 2002, Savatech joined the international initiative by the chemical industry, the so-called Responsible Care. The initiative is a commitment to reporting frankly on the activities in connection with continual improvements in employee health and safety, and on minimising the impacts on the environment. Based on regular reports on these issues, we obtain a certificate that entitles us to use the Responsible Care logotype.

We ensure that our employees work in a safe working environment. In 2014, we therefore harmonised our activities in occupational health and safety with the international OHSAS 18001 standard. We monitor risks of accidents and work-related health damages at all work places. Our goal is to prevent work-related accidents that require sick leave, which is why we particularly focus on:

  • Increasing employee awareness of health and safety issues
  • Preventive actions
  • Systematic identification of hazardous incidents and elimination of causes

We incorporate the latest findings in occupational health and safety, fire safety and environmental protection in all of our new investment projects.

We always devote much attention to permanent education, awareness raising and anticipation of accidents. On special notice boards, we communicate information about safety status in weekly notices and instructions for safe work. We stimulate employee commitment to their own safety and care for working and living environment in special preventive campaign such as March – A Month of Safety, and October – A Month of Fire Safety.

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