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EU PROJECT: e-Rubber Validation


HRM Department of Savatech started the e-Rubber Validation project, a part of lifelong learning program Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of innovation. With the transfer, adjustment and integration of the innovative solutions, successful practice and/or results of the project, lifelong projects contribute to higher quality, attractiveness and cooperation of European systems of vocational education and training. To follow these aims, the project group was convened by for partners, Savatech (Slovenia), Ljudska univerza Jesenice (Slovenia), IBS- Institut für berufliche Bildung und EDV – Schulung GmbH (Germany), Bit Media, e-learning solutions (Austria).


The entry to the vocational schools drastically decreased in the past few years in Slovenia. Due to the insufficient entry to the individual programs, many technical secondary programs were abolished. Among them, there were the programs to acquire a profession of a rubber apprentice and a rubber technician. Consequently the lack of adequately qualified employees appeared in Slovenia in the level of vocational education.

We have noticed as well that the employees in the rubber manufacturing industry have a lot of informal knowledge, acquired directly at work, but their knowledge is not properly evaluated and acknowledged. In 2009 we successfully finished the "Rubber Knowledge" project, which was already found a very good transfer of knowledge.

E-Rubber Validation is therefore a missing link between the existing knowledge, between the competences, which our employees already posses and between the possibilities of validating the informal knowledge in Slovenia.

The project activities took place from November 2009 to November 2011 and we established the validation of non-formal knowledge in rubber industry. With newly gained knowledge, foreign rubber experts we did and still are upgrading the contents of lectured in our "Rubber School". We have prepared the list of knowledge and competences which have to be owned by every rubber manufacturer. We have prepared the testing system. The foundation of all is the e-platform CEMES, which supports the whole validation process.

• To found out the existing knowledge from the field of rubber manufacturing of every employee in the production,
• To found out the missing knowledge from the field of rubber manufacturing of every employee in the production,
• To prepare tailor-made learning program to gain the missing knowledge,
• To prepare the portfolio of knowledge,
• To validate the non-formal knowledge from the field of rubber manufacturing – with internal diploma.


If you like to access the CEMES platform, please, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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