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Rubber compounds used in the food industry need to meet the standards as specified in every individual country. The principle of all standards is to define to which class of a specific standard a particular product belongs (long or short exposure of rubber to food); furthermore, the recipes may contain only permissible ingredients in permissible quantities, and the material has to pass an extraction test as specified. Rubber hoses and various rubber seals often come into contact with food.

  • The American market demands that materials comply with the FDA – 21 CFR 177.2600 Rubber Articles Intended for Repeated use.
  • The German market requires conformity with BFR – XXI recommendations.
  • The European Directive 93/11/EEC prohibits the use of nitrosamines.

Savatech produces a range of compounds, which all comply with the FDA and BFR requirements of the class 3 and 4.

Some examples of rubber products: seals, hoses, accessories for milking machines, poultry pluckers, etc.

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